Code of the Cardboard Samurai

Frontier Archive Project Ep. 37 - Building a Frontier Cube

October 6, 2019

If you love drafting and playing Frontier, or if you wanted to get your friends to play the format with you, there's really only one way to make it happen: Cubing. There are a number of reasons to build a Frontier cube. It mixes some of the best draft formats in recent memory (KTK block), puts some powerful cards in your hand such as Ulamog and Emrakul, and also lets you field a variety of archetypes from past standards that really became fleshed out with the Frontier card pool. 

In this episode Kevin and I had on a Cubing aficionado to help us build a Frontier cube. We covered the basics of building a cube, talked about what cards we'd include if we were building a cube for Frontier, and also talked about various ways you could build the cube to keep it fresh and fun for you and your friends. Great topic for casual players everywhere!

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