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Once Upon a Time in Aichi: A history of Magic The Gathering in Japan

June 28, 2019

Magic the Gathering has a deep, well documented history in the USA, but what about Japan? It's one of the biggest places for MTG, yet it has remained relatively unknown to people outside of Japan, especially if you can't read Japanese. In today's podcast, we travel back in time with new co-host Lain Kaplan to talk about what the early days of Magic the Gathering were like in Japan. Living in Japan from 2000-2008, Lain has experienced a lot of Magic's history and has lots of stories to tell. Join us as we talk about magic shops, pro players, Grand Prix, and even Buddhist Monk Magic players! 

If you've lived in Japan before, live here now, visited Japan, or have always wondered about MTG in Japan give it a listen! Hopefully Japanese MTG won't be such a mystery afterwards!

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